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The First Parish Council Affirms That ALL People Are Beloved Children of God

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The First Parish Council, on behalf of First Parish Congregational Church of Yarmouth, Maine, UCC, affirms that this church believes that ALL people are beloved children of God...whatever their race, color, religion or lack thereof, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, political affiliation, age, educational and economic levels, immigrant status, etc. Any ideologies that use religion, race, or God as an excuse to divide communities, sow discord, or subjugate rights are inconsistent with our belief of who we are called to be. We are a people meant to be in community with one another. We embrace the aspirations of the United States to be a home for people of many races, cultures, and backgrounds. We believe the combined efforts of diverse communities in the United States across the centuries has made and continues to make America great. Sadly we also recognize that the United States often falls short of providing all people equal rights and dignity, but we believe it is our responsibility to God and our country to work tirelessly toward helping America reach this goal. As a community, we hope to be inclusive of all, to celebrate not only our similarities, but our differences, to bridge divides when we see them and to work to create a more loving, kind, just and equitable world.


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