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Pastor Kate's Blog - Reflection of "See No Stranger" - Chapter Three

I find myself wanting to write – in my experience, fighting is tied to controversy within a congregation. And as I find myself wanting to write that – I wonder if it’s actually true or if I just have anxiety about the controversy fighting for something could create within a community with diverse ideologies. That is something I will have to ponder more.

Perhaps what I find difficult is feeling like if someone is fighting for something – I too need to fight for that same thing. But that might not be where my motivation lies. That might not be the thing that will stir my energy. I wonder how we make room for each other within a community – how can we support one another’s passion for justice without making each other feel bad if we are not fighting for the same cause?

I like the idea of thinking about what are the things that help us fight – what tools and skills do we have to offer? And what are the things that help protect us as we engage difficult work that can beat us down.

I wonder if during the next year at First Parish we could strive for each person to ponder and answer the following questions:

What motivates you – who do you protect and fight for?

What skills and gifts do you have to offer?

What will protect and renew you in this work?

How will you fight?

What will you risk?

How could answering these questions change us? Change our congregation? Change our community?


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