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Clam Festival

First Parish is happy to share that we will be participating in The Yarmouth Clam Festival this coming July 21 - 23rd!

We are excited that First Parish will once again be selling  Homemade Pies and Strawberry Shortcake, 

Books and have a Mini Pink Pachyderm Sale.


We need your help to make this successful!


All Proceeds from the Clam Festival go directly to our Community Grant Program!


Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteering to work in a booth is lots of fun!  Sign up as a group with friends and family, or come alone and make new friends.  Most people don’t want to leave when their shift is over.


Shifts are usually three hours long and you can sign up for as many shifts as you want!  Shifts during the Parade on Friday night are the hardest to fill, so if you are available then, we’d love your help!  You can use the SignUpGenius Link below, call Sophie at FPC to assist you in signing up for a shift (846-3773), or sign up on the board outside of the office beginning June 1st.

Booth sign ups are for: Pie booth at church, Pie booth on the Green, Strawberry Shortcake booth at church, Book Sale, and the Pink Pachyderm.

Calling All Pie Bakers!


Clam Festival Pie Facts:

  • All donated Pies are pure profit for FPC

  • People love pie and often come back more than once over the weekend

  • People eat pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between

  • We will sell approximately 300 pies at the church booth

  • We will be hosting a pie eating contest on Saturday afternoon!

  • Aluminum pie plates are available now for pickup in the FPC kitchen.

  • We need your help baking enough pies!


What kind of pies should I make???

Best Selling Pie Flavors

  • Blueberry     

  • Strawberry Rhubarb

  • Raspberry 

  • Pecan

  • Lemon Meringue

  • Peach/ Peach Blueberry

  • Apple

  • Custard

  • Pumpkin

  • Triple Berry

  • Coconut Cream

  • Chocolate ANYTHING

  • Toll House

  • Key Lime

  • Cherry

  • Brownie

Pies can be baked ahead of time and frozen or dropped off fresh during the weekend. 


*Important Tips for freezing pies:

  • Pies must be totally cooled before wrapping

  • After they are cooled, wrap the entire pie (top and bottom) tightly in plastic wrap

  • Wrap the pie tightly with aluminum foil (this prevents freezer burn) 

  • Label the aluminum foil in permanent marker with the type of pie. Many pies look alike even after cutting them.  

  • Pies can be left in the freezer in the church kitchen.  We will move them to the undercroft once they are frozen.  

  • It helps us if you can let us know how many pies you will be able to contribute. Please email Rhonda Senger with this info (

    We appreciate your help meeting our huge demand for pie! Thank you.

Clam Fest Book Collection

First Parish Church will be having a book sale during Clam Fest (July 21-23). We will accept book donations starting May 22 until July 7.  We will not have a book drop-off area and there needs to be a book sale volunteer at the church to accept the books.  Do not drop off books anywhere in or around the church.  To donate books, please call Julie Benavides at 207-846-9475 (leave message) or email

As you think about what to donate - our best sellers are (hard or soft covers): fiction, children’s books, biography, history, books by Maine authors or about Maine. Other nonfiction books that we take are cookbooks, books on crafts, sailing, etc.

We do not take textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, medical or diet books, or any self help books inlacing diet, health or parenting. Please note that old books are only of value if they are in pristine condition. 

We only accept books in very good condition: which means that the bindings are stable, the books are clean with no torn pages or writing in the book. Please check your books for mold – if there are tan or brown spots on the edges of the pages (or covers) that do not wipe away, that is mold, and the book should be thrown away. Books that have been stored in basements or attics are particularly susceptible to mold. Sadly, each year we are given hundreds of books that were not saleable, therefore, we will do a quick check for cleanliness and mold at the time of delivery and will hand back any unacceptable books.

Mini-Pink Pachyderm Collection

The Pink Pachyderm is now accepting additional items for the Clam Festival. Along with jewelry (always desirable), we are looking for donations of new items (think “re-giftable”). Leave in the original box if you have it. We are also accepting collectibles and antiques.


​Additionally, we are looking for puzzles in good condition, fancy table linens, hand-made pottery, and artwork/picture frames. The list will expand as we sort and price your donations. ALL items should be clean and in good condition. Items may be dropped off in the Fellowship Hall Lobby. If you have an item that you are not sure of donating, please call Mary at 846-3203, or email

Would you like a Clam Fest T-Shirt?


You can purchase our blue ”Piece be with You” t-shirts in either a moisture-wicking performance ($10) or a cotton-poly blend ($5). Please email Rhonda Senger ( and let her know what adult size(s) and style you’d like (S,M,L,XL,XXL). Deadline to place a t-shirt order is June 20th. 

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