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First Parish Church Yarmouth
2024 By-Laws Revision Summary

The church Council decided to update the church By-Laws to reflect the current operation of the church, to be gender neutral and to improve organization and readability. There will be a Q&A session after church on 6/2 in the fellowship hall to answer any questions about these changes. We hope to see you there!
A summary of the changes can be found below: 
Substantive Changes

  • Changed and clarified separate conflict resolution procedures for pastors and staff

  • Defined a Personnel Committee as a standing committee appointed by the church Council and assigned duties.

  • Defined acts of church Council and all committees to require a majority vote of all members rather than a majority of attendees.

  • Added requirement for pastoral resignations to be in writing.

  • Changed Collector responsibilities to not be a church officer, focus on counting and

  • recording and removed bonding requirement that was never implemented.

  • Modified wording to consistently refer to Co-Moderators.

Other Changes

  • Re-worded text to be gender neutral.

  • Re-worded text to use contemporary language.

  • Re-worded text to remove indirect expressions and unnecessary words.

  • Grouped text into Articles and re-ordered Articles.

  • Added a Table of Contents.

  • Applied consistent numbering and indentation.

  • Consolidated redundant statements.

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