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As you know, First Parish is an uncommon church community. Our faith comes neither pre-digested nor neatly packaged. Together we ask the big questions, knowing that sometimes answers might be out of reach. We are inquisitive - exploring our faith in God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. We are deeply committed to doing good work in this community: social justice, normalizing mental health, and cultivating true connection in our digital world.


And yet, as we look around today, the world can feel dark. In the last few weeks, we’ve prayed for an end to gun violence, war, and mental illness. In the last year, we have grieved our own share of losses, including the departure of Jayme as our Associate Pastor and the changing landscape of church life as we learn to live with the pandemic. As a congregation we aim to be an organization that meets the moment, and whose light shines far and wide.


How shall our uncommon church community meet the moment? How might our First Parish family best join in conversation, idea sharing, and faith in the months ahead to consider how we are being called forward after the last two years of change and opportunity? Pastor Kate has invited the six of us to begin to imagine how all of us might do this work together. 


Our committee aims “to set the table” so that everyone in our uncommon church community will join in dialogue as we dream about how best to match our gifts to the world’s need, knowing that we are already a seed in good soil with deep and tested roots. We have much to offer our community and the world around us.


While we are not yet sure what the process will look like, we wanted to let you know that we are at work this summer. We welcome your questions, prayers, and blessings as we dive into this first phase of what will be our parish-wide conversation and look forward to sharing more as it unfolds.


With hope and gratitude, 


John Erickson

Katie Casper

Kate Dalton

Peter Haynes 

Sally Thomas

Seth Webber

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