What's on your list?

I recently started biking again and remembered how much I love cycling.  I love getting around under my own power.  I love experiencing the natural world while I travel.  I love feeling like the bike and I are companions.  I love thinking about gearing and saddle positions.  I love biking.  I love biking so much that I think everyone who is able should try it.  In fact, for a while when I was younger, I thought I would start a bike tour company that was designed around bike riding for everyone – not just those who were committed enough to wear spandex shorts.  I love biking.

Take a moment – what is it that you love?  What could you do for hours if you had no other obligations?  What are you so loyal to that you can’t help but tell everyone you meet about it?  Do you have a thing?

And actually while you’re at it – go ahead and make a list.  What are your things?  Where are your loyalties?  What would you be willing to be an ambassador for?  Go ahead, I’ll give you a few moments...

Ok, hopefully by now you have a list or at least a couple of things in your mind that you love.  Here’s my guess, my guess is that you didn’t include God on that list.

At least a portion of this morning’s scripture should sound familiar.