Pastor Kelli Whitman

It started like any other night…Like every other night the three old friends had shared in the observatory on the top of the hill.

Their nightly routine was just beginning.  Mel, the oldest of the three, rolled out the star charts on the old, oak table in the center of the room.  Bart fiddled with the instruments they would use to watch the skies.  The smell of cinnamon tea filled the room as Gary brought the tea pot and three mugs to the table.  

The three wise star watchers took up their usual places—Mel and Bart scanned the heavens, reading the stars, watching for a sign, while Gary, the newest member of the group, recorded their observations in a well-worn leather journal.  As the three watchers settled into their familiar routine, a comfortable stillness filled the room, broken only by the rustling of the star charts and the scratching of Gary’s pen on the pages of his journal.  

Bart saw it first—the star that would disrupt this comfortable, familiar routine and send the three friends on a long and winding journey.  

He almost missed it—a star in the eastern sky, winking just a bit brighter than the others.  He checked the chart lying on the old oak table in the middle of the room,