Seen, Heard, Known & Loved

There are a few things that every human craves - to be seen, heard, known, and loved exactly as they are. Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be using worship as a time to focus in on each of these experiences as a way to be reminded of how God sees, hears, knows and loves us – AND how we are called to see, hear, know, and love others.

Our emphasis today is being seen. Our scripture tells the story of Bartimaeus, a blind beggar, who is sitting beside the road. He is away from the center of town – outcasted because of his blindness, lower in status and isolated from the larger community. At the same time, Jesus, his disciples and a crowd of people are on the move – traveling along the road where Bartimaeus is seated. As soon as Bartimaeus is aware of Jesus’s presence he shouts – he cries out – he exclaims “Jesus! Son of David! Have mercy on me!” He is hushed by people in the crowd. Bartimaeus’ voice is silenced, his presence belittled by those around him. Bartimaeus goes unnoticed – unseen by those around him.

But Bartimaeus is not discouraged, he shouts even louder – “Jesus, Son of David! Have mercy on me!” Bartimaeus’ faith is so strong that nothing can deter his efforts of encountering Jesus, the messiah, the one who can cure ailments. The story continues and Jesus stops. Jesus makes time to listen to Bartimaeus. Jesus SEEs Bartimaeus. Not assuming that the curing of his blindness would be his request, Jesus asks “what do you want