Sermon by Rev. Kate Dalton

A recent article in the Portland Press Herald talked about cave syndrome – a fear of re-entering the world. The article states, “48 percent of vaccinated adults [said] they still felt uneasy.” Dr. Julie Holland, a New York psychiatrist, is quoted saying, “There’s no question that it’s easier to learn to be afraid than to be unafraid.”

I wonder if the disciples have the beginning stages of cave syndrome when we catch up with them this week. They have been through a traumatizing event – the person who they thought would deliver them – the person they thought would be their literal savior, was brutally murdered right before their very eyes. So not only have they lost their leader – but they have come face to face with the very real danger of following in his ways. So, I imagine the disciples sitting huddled together in a house with the doors locked, trembling with fear. Scared to go out – as they could meet the same fate as Jesus in addition to being wracked with grief and probably guilt over his death. <