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Pastor Kate's Blog - Reflection of "See No Stranger" - Chapter Two

The idea that telling the story is part of processing grief is such a good reminder. I think so often we don’t make space for people to talk about what happened or what/who they have lost. And then having the ability to sit in sadness with a person is a hard thing to do. What I found most interesting about what Kaur said is that witnessing another person’s grief, listening to their story and trying to understand their loss, is a way we can come to know them. It’s how we come to feel connected and to see ourselves in them.

The question about a national moment of grief – ugh what a hard question right now. We have a national year of grief from the COVID pandemic. How do we do this properly? How do we make space for people to talk about what they lost and honor their loss? How do we make space for all of the different losses? Some people lost loved ones – this is actually a more typical loss. But some people lost their businesses, lost their homes, lost their support system, lost their ceremonies and milestones.

Bravery to grieve well – how do we cultivate bravery? Why bravery? Why is it brave to ask someone what they need? What do we do when people don’t know what they need? How do we make space for people to process what they need?


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