More about that Star word EMBRACE...

I have written before about my Star word for 2021 being EMBRACE. And isn’t funny how God brings things to your attention when he’s teaching you something. He is clearly interested in guiding me back to this word and rest on it this year.

I’ve reflected on how a simple word can mean so many different things when you are struggling through a pandemic. But EMBRACE took on a literal new meaning for me yesterday when my parents pulled into my driveway. After a long drive up from Alabama, my fully vaccinated parents opened their arms wide and I ran into them and hugged them – with enthusiasm and passion like I was still just their little girl. I had not hugged them since October of 2019. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined when they last left Maine that our next EMBRACE would be more than a year later.

My children (their grandchildren) were almost timid to approach them, not knowing quite how to handle the greeting after so many rules about distancing and masks. (We have very few people in our lives that have been fortunate to receive a vaccine.) But taking cues from their Meme and Papa, and me, they quickly ran into their arms as well. And a wholeness seemed to come about in our space. We helped them unload and excitedly opened up treats from down south. Later, we sat at the table for dinner with masks left in the basket by the door. And we laughed. There has not been a lot of laughter at our table this year. It was a sweet, sweet sound to hear.

What a gift it was to not only physically hold space together after so many months apart. But also to experience physical touch. If you’ve forgotten how special touch is, I can confirm it is spiritual and powerful and something I didn’t realize how much I needed from those who made me. There is a lift in my spirit and a hopefulness today - a gift and a blessing from the EMBRACE.

May we all be mindful of the tender moments. And may we all have many EMBRACES ahead of us soon.

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