Be Still.

Peace Candle

One of the things that we do as a community when we gather each week is take time to share with one another through Peace Candle reflections.  The peace candle focus for Lent is looking for love.  Before we were asked not to gather in person, we challenged you to adopt a Lenten practice of looking for love.  We invited you to take a rock each week and to place it somewhere where you witnessed love.  Witnessing to love is witnessing to God’s presence.  By doing this we train ourselves to be more attentive to God’s presence in the world and we teach others by naming the love that we see.  

Although we are unable to gather in person, it’s important to us that the peace candle time still be a time in the service when we hear from one another.  So this morning I’m adding on to your task.  In addition to looking for love this week – I invite you to send us an email or text or short video reflection, about what you found. Our hope is that next week – when we take time for the peace candle, instead of Kelli or I talking to you, we’ll be able to share photos or videos from members and friends in our congregation – telling the good news of God’s love at work in the world.  So we light the peace candle this morning to name the reality of love in the world.  Light the candle.  God, may the light of this candle remind us of your presence.   Help us focus on your love in the world.  Grant us strength and courage and comfort.  Amen.