(un)Common Conversations Project – General Information

What is the (un)Common Conversations Project?

The goal of the (un)Common Conversations Project is to provide a set of monthly questions for people to discuss at First Parish Church.

How did we start doing it?

Several years ago, a Living Faith Class held at the church required participants to have a face to face conversation with a different member of the class. Participants liked this so much, they wanted to find ways to encourage more people at First Parish to have face to face conversations. The project began as an attempt to provide those opportunities to as many people as possible. After several years, the project took a break for a year and in the Fall 2017 the church began the project anew.

Why the name (un)Common Conversations?

It is not often that people take time to talk with each other about their faith and spiritual matters – hence the name.

How does it work?

Those wishing to be assigned a conversation partner for a given month sign up by the deadline published in the newsletter or notice (usually mid-month). You will receive notification of the name of your partner, how to contact one another, and the questions for the month. You and your partner are expected to contact each other and find at least one mutual time during the month to meet and talk about the questions. We strongly encourage you to meet in a public place – meet at a local coffee house with seating (in Yarmouth: 317 Main Street Café, Maples, Handy Andy’s, Clayton’s, Maine Roasters), or go for a walk together, or meet at church during church open hours. You are welcome to participate for one or many months or to take breaks during busy months. Each month you will be assigned a new partner.

Other Opportunities:

The questions for the month’s (un)Common Conversations will also be used at First Parish meetings (for example: Council, Deacons, Trustees) and events throughout the month to encourage as many people as possible to participate in the conversation.

How do I sign up?

Notices of the (un)Common Conversation will be sent in the Newsletter and All Church emails. A link will be provided to the gmail account for the coordination of the project. (Please add the gmail address to your email account so that the response will get back to you.) If you do not see the notices any month please contact the FPCC Yarmouth office, ask to participate in the month’s conversation and provide your contact information.