It’s not to soon to start thinking about baking pies for the Clam Festival!  Pies can be made up to 6 weeks ahead of time and frozen.  Please remember to let your pies COOL completely.  They should then be wrapped in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil as well.  Freezers in the Undercroft will be available the beginning of June.  Please label the type of pie.  Sometimes it is difficult to tell what kind they are. 

Please limit your pies to the following:  Apple | Blueberry | Strawberry Rhubarb | Toll House | Peach | Key Lime | Chocolate Cream | Peach Blueberry | Raspberry| Custard | Cherry | Pecan | Lemon Meringue | Pumpkin | Brownie

We truly appreciate all the time, effort and cost that goes into all the pies that are made every year and hope that you will continue to contribute to what some people consider the “Best Food Booth at the Festival”!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Liz Reinsborough at [email protected].