March 2017

On March 1, Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent begins. We hold a service on Ash Wednesday which includes the imposition of ashes and Holy Communion. The gathering on that night serves as a marker that Lent has begun. Lent is the 40 days (not including Sundays) which commemorates the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness before his public ministry began. It was in the wilderness that Jesus encountered temptation. I hope that you will consider joining us for worship on March 1 at 7pm. It seems like a good way to begin a Lenten journey.
One of the traditions that is common among Christians is the giving up of something for Lent, but an alternative is to take something on-to take on a spiritual practice. As Kate and I thought about this Lent, we decided to encourage people to consider those things which tempt us: To consider, as a spiritual practice, those things that get in the way of us being who we want to be or feel called to be. Reflecting on such things will hopefully lead to new awareness and isn’t awareness the first step in transformation?
It is our hope that each week during Lent at the Peace candle time, we will have reflection from some of you that will focus on a temptation. We still have some openings so I hope that you will volunteer. The 7 temptations are: distraction/ busyness, feeling superior, holding a grudge, selfishness, materialism, control, and finally worry/stress. Our hope is that these reflections will not just be limited to those who speak on Sunday morning- but that some of you will make it part of your weekly reflections. To ponder and perhaps even journal about how these temptations get in your way.

We invite you to consider, during Lent, those things that tempt you and invite you to worship with us during Lent, during Holy week and on Easter morning as we worship the one who makes all things new.

Blessings, Kent