The First Parish By-Laws define two committees that are required to address and sustain the spiritual needs of the church. The committees work closely with the pastors to ensure that the spiritual life of the church is healthy and vibrant, and that there is a means for good communication between the pastors and the congregation. Committee members must be church members.

[learn_more caption=”Board of Deacons”] The Board of Deacons is a Standing Committee that helps provide spiritual leadership to the First Parish worship community, and also assists the pastors in various activities that are part of our spiritual life. Deacons prepare the sanctuary for worship each Sunday, prepare and serve Communion, organize the Ushers and Acolytes, assist at baptisms, weddings, funerals, and the installation of new members, and administer the use of the Spiritual Life Fund (established in 2006 to support efforts that broaden and deepen the spiritual life of the church). Deacons have the opportunity to lead the worship service when called upon. They also provide feedback into the planning of special services and are there to listen to the pulse and feedback of the church community.

The chair of the Board of Deacons is an officer of the church. The Board of Deacons has at least ten members, one-third of which are replaced yearly by election at the Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in a future position as a Deacon, contact the Council or any Deacon through the church office at 846-3773. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Pastoral Relations Committee”] The Pastoral Relations Committee is a Standing Committee that meets with the pastors at least twice a year, and at additional times whenever the pastors or the committee feels it is necessary. The committee meets with members of the church as necessary to consider special needs of the congregation with respect to their relation with the pastors.

The committee has four members, one appointed by the Board of Trustees from its members, one by the Board of Deacons from its members, one by the Senior Pastor, and one by the Associate Pastor. The terms of office are open-ended, with the goal of creating a stable and compatible group.

If you are interested in a future position on the Pastoral Relations Committee, contact the pastors through the church office at 846-3773. [/learn_more]