There are many ways to be involved at First Parish, not only by attending the Sunday morning service, but by being active beyond Sunday mornings. Through our many Call-Based and Task-Based ministries, we offer a range of activities. Some are spiritual, some are social. Some help nurture and support our church, others reach out to the wider community. Many are open to all, regardless of whether you are a member of our church or not.
The information below describes what goes on here, week to week, month to month. Feel free to take information for any activity that interests you. If you have an idea for an activity that you do not see here, consider starting it as your own ministry.



Often we tend to think of “ministry” as work done by others in our lives – pastors, missionaries, church leaders – but not ourselves. Webster’s online dictionary defines ministry as “the act of ministering; ministration; service.” Put simply, ministry is any act that pleases God and serves others. Ministry is something that each one of us can do every day if we choose.
At First Parish, we have many church-wide ministries that serve the needs of our church in terms of our parishioners and our community, and many that also meet the needs of individuals who wish to serve others. We have chosen to formalize our church-wide ministries under two broad categories: Task-Based and Call-Based.

Task-Based Ministry (Members and Nonmembers)

A Task-Based ministry is any committee defined in the First Parish By-Laws as a Standing Committee (a permanent committee created to serve a specific purpose), or any other activity or committee that the church Council decides must exist because it supports the running of the church. If a situation arises where there are insufficient volunteers to fill these ministries, the Council is responsible for finding a way to address the vacancies, as necessary. Members of Task-Based ministries are elected at Annual Meeting or appointed by Council, and some ministries are restricted to church members.

Examples of Task-Based ministries at First Parish include the Board of Trustees, the Pastoral Relations Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Clam Festival committee, to name just a few.

Call-Based Ministry Members and Nonmembers

A Call-Based ministry is any activity or committee that is called into existence out of the passion of one or more individuals. For example, you might decide to form a ministry to support the work of the American Cancer Society through its Relay for Life. You determine the leaders and define their responsibilities, in this case, to coordinate people to walk during the Relay and to raise funds for it through individual supporters. You then submit your proposal for a “Relay for Life Ministry” to the Council.

The Council approves all Call-Based ministries and monitors them for as long as they exist. For example, the Relay for Life ministry may be a single-year effort, or it may persist year after year. Once a Call-Based ministry’s lifecycle ends, it is discontinued, thus allowing the church’s time and energy always to be focused on activities where there is spirit and enthusiasm.

Examples of Call-Based ministries at First Parish include the Flower Committee, No Strings Attached, Earth Stewardship, and Men’s Spirituality, to name just a few. We encourage the formation of new Call-Based ministries at any time.

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