February 2017

In January, thanks to the invitation and forward thinking of First Parish member Andrea Connor, First Parish co-sponsored a screening of the movie, Screenagers, in collaboration with the Yarmouth PTO, Yarmouth Education Fund and the Yarmouth Alumni Association. Screenagers is a film that opens conversation about family life and modern technology. Personally, I feel like this is a topic we could all consider more closely whether we have youth at home or not.

What I love about this collaboration is that it’s a chance for First Parish to help the community engage in important conversations, conversations that relate to people’s understanding of relationships and how we treat each other, without asking people to enter the church. It’s an incredible opportunity for us to say we want to help bring about a better world for everyone, whether you worship with us or not.
I hope that all of you will consider how First Parish can continue to engage in partnerships in the wider Yarmouth community, helping us open up channels for people to connect to the ethos of the church whether they ever step foot in the door or not.

Blessings, Kate