Our Beliefs at First Parish UCC…

First Parish is a church alive and a family of believers excited about what God is doing in the world and in our community. Please, take a look at us and see if the rich Spirit of Christ we are experiencing meets your needs. First Parish ministers to individuals and families. We care, and it shows in the on-going ministries and educational and mission programs we offer and support. Jesus welcomed everyone, whether they were poor, rich, or just getting by; ill or healthy; self-made or educated; popular or a loner; secure or full of doubts. We welcome everyone the way Jesus did, regardless of age, race, class, gender, orientation, abilities, or challenges.

We acknowledge Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior. All who share in this confession are our kindred in Christ. We do not have all the answers to life’s questions, but look to the Word of God in the Scriptures and to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the world. First Parish recognizes two sacraments: Baptism and Communion.

At First Parish, faith comes neither pre-digested nor neatly packaged. Rather, faith is to be intent on what the Spirit is saying. It is to choose again and again the Pilgrim Way and to engage with others in a journey toward God.